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Hypallage Project


After several years of studying music theory, constant and focused listening, Hypallage Project started to DJ as Ilum in a duo with Potomac. Uncompromising from the beginning, Ilum plays a dark techno, which can be mental, ambient, industrialor acid. Now, Ilum&Potomac are residents of the ambient room for the Spazio Tempo events in Paris where artists like Milton Bradley, Dasha Rush, Acronym, or Marco Shuttle have played. The duo performs 6h long downtempo-ambient sets. Besides, theyeachhave theirown production project.

Hypallage Project isIlum’sproducing alias. SUB Records trusted in the project and will realease the first EP of the artist by this autumn. The EP combines some raw techno elements to experimental sound sinspired by the musique concrète movement. Hypallage Project is quite prolific so watch out for what is coming in the future.


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