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Owner of Ac-in records and member of the eclectic Stirpe999, active from the first years of 2000 as a sound designer and producer for the Fox crime in the hip hop scene national ( Smoggler Bazaar / Truceklan ), he discovered his vocation for electronic music in Experimental art collective Hekate (London), where he lived and studied music for several years testing their products in the rave the most powerful of the British capital and beyond.

His penchant for experimentation makes his productions and live sets, a constant surprise, a mix of different types of music that bring the dance floor to a gradual evolution, transporting the listener on a journey full of intense dark atmosphere and groove hard , investing them as a moving train.

Labels: Ac-in records/ Stirpe999 / Sleep is commercial / Audioelite / Flat Belly / We call it hard record / Mona records / Bias / Hex


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